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Week One: The Idea

The struggle to think of a project to do

Eventually came up with three possible idea to work on

1) Game based around on the freedom of flight

2) 3d Animated work (possible based on previously created script or around VR)

3) Comparission of diffrent Rigging Muscle setups (look at Rythmn and Hues Voodoo)

Week Two: Decision

Finally decide on what I am going to do

It will be a 3d animation that looks at the narrtive and the VR space interact

Stylistically animing for something simlar to Visual Works Bravely Default Cinematics

It will be created in Maya and Houdini, With Redshift used for rendering out the 360 Images

Week Three: Further Test

Finally seetle on a Narrrative structure to hold the scenes now in place

Begining to test perspective and scale and how that is differnet in 360 Videos and VR

Begining test of simulation and rendering to get better estimate of times needed to give ot htis

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